Anirevo 2014 Guest: Lindze Merritt


Lindze A’la Mode will be coming to AniRevo 2014! She is an international cosplayer and makeup artist who has been cosplaying for 15 years. Lindze has hosted many cosplay events, been to many countries for cosplay, and is in the Masters category for receiving awards in costume and performance. She prefers to focus on the fun and casual aspects of cosplay with friends—old and new alike.

Having studied fashion design in Atlanta, Lindze has been featured in magazines such as Spin, PlayStation Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Creative Loafing, among many others.

Lindze currently works full time as a professional makeup artist and stylist at Pixelette Studios, where she does makeup transformations for pinup, boudoir, high fashion, and professional photography clients, bringing the fun of dress up to everyone, regardless of skill or background.

Find her work on and Her Website